Education Management Information System for the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka

Friday, 16 September 2016 04:01
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Client: The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka 

The task of the project was to implement an EMIS solution for IESLCE based on the EMIS systems implemented by ARPMS.  The project was carried out by a team of experienced consultants who have developed and implemented MIS solutions in education sector, construction industry and other organizations. The EMIS solution was based on open source technology and therefore is very cost effective. The system is web based and hence has the advantage of being able to be accessed anywhere from using a computer, a tab or mobile phone. The system has been encompassed with the facilities to add and manage unlimited number of users. The user creation and role management was done through the system administrator. Each user activity is logged in an audit trail and the role management provides users the privilege only to access the allowed functionality. In addition to the above the system has several security features, including the secure information channel or HTTPS. The audit trails and user management features provide further security.