Project Management Services

Project Management is the key process of a construction company and that is why our project management systems at AR Project Management services makes it easy for you manage the entire project life cycle from project planning, defining work schedules, cost management estimating, budgeting, cost control and producing key reports for management. We are dedicated to provide the facilities to define the project details, project name, planning data and type of project building or highway construction.

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Construction Information System - CIS Billest

A construction contractor's main requirement is related to cost monitoring and management and to monitor project cost with respect to budget at project level and if possible to each BOQ item level. This requires the implementation of the best project management practice (PMBOK by PMI), which include simple but comprehensive data collection and production of reports as per best practice. This is what AR Project Management Services has developed and implemented in five leading contractors and a few more are in the process of implementing. This was possible due more than 30 years of experience in the area of computer systems' applications for construction.

Twenty First Century Information Systems

Accounts & Finance
We offer a fully fledged system related to Accounts and Finance with all the facilities of a complete accounting system. We provide a fully integrated system to Project Management, production and all other functions related to the accounts and finance.

The Human Resources Infromation System
The HRIS allows you to manage and maintain employment records of all staff members where you can use it to collect metrics surrounding the firm's staffing, attendance, compensation and other activities. Manage your employee information, appointment details, attendance and leave and other performance management reviews using one single HRIS application.

Estimating and Tendering

The only proven Estimating system in Sri Lanka which no other ERP system has you can now project all your Estimates within your project budget with the estimating and tendering modules of CIS Billest. This has the facilities for price libraries with rate analysis. BSR and HSR could be provided at the time of installation.

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Asset Management and GPS Tracking system

Our Manufacturing and Inventory management system create many different kinds of bills of materials, bills of quantity, work orders, and other invoices to help you with your daily manufacturing process. In addition our latest addition the GPS Tracking system which is a unique facility for contractors to monitor all equipment on real time basis, the usage hours or mileage, diesel consumption, the position of equipment on a map, payload informaton and many others critical data. This is estimated to provide one of the greatest benefits to the contractors though modern technology and we have the cutting edge which no other IT solution provider has. Further this is integrated with CIS-Billest.

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